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>My opinion is: Legacy holders can keep what they have until doomsday, and >where  these holders decide to transfer in any way method shape or form, >they are subject to RSA. I feel that it does not seem fair on the part of >the rest of the community that legacy holders legitimize (not sure that's >the correct word) their holding with the use of a special instrument (LRSA) >and at the same time retain the ability to profit from that which is >technically not property/....I suspect they were given these resources in >the spirit of R&D at the time.

I have to agree with JD on this.  I am a huge proponent of 'Legacy' holders being able to continue their use of their IP4 space ad infinitum by virtue of their past contribution to the community, but at the point or moment that they release or transfer any netblocks to another (legacy or non-legacy) party then all deals are off and the subject netblocks *should* become common.  I do not hold the 'rights' of 'Legacy' holders to include sale of and/or profit from the netblocks.
I have said this in as plain a manner as I can on purpose.

Of course I understand that my understandings are my opinion only and may have little bearing on reality.    


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