[arin-ppml] Draft Proposal for Needs-Free IPv4 Transfers

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue May 10 15:46:43 EDT 2011

On 10-May-11 13:24, Mike Burns wrote:
>> Transfers outside of policy are indistinguishable to ARIN from
>> hijackings. If the recorded recipient is no longer utilizing the
>> addresses and they have been hijacked, ARIN has a responsibility,
>> IMHO, to reclaim those addresses and issue them to an appropriate
>> party through standard ARIN policy.
> But these transfers do happen, and for ARIN to declare them all
> hijackings, even though legacy holders have no agreement with ARIN to
> notify them of transfers, is a recipe for the ignoring and increasing
> irrelevance of whois.

The main relevance of the RIRs' databases is the fact that ISPs consult
WHOIS before deciding whether to accept/advertise customer routes.  RIRs
also directly control rDNS delegations, which are important to most
orgs.  Soon, there will be RPKI as well.

You are welcome to ignore all that and use whatever numbers you wish
within your own network; plenty of folks do.  However, as soon as you
try to connect to the Internet, you're going to have to play ball with
the RIR system.

A "transfer" is a matter of updating an RIR database.  If the database
is not updated, then by definition there has been no transfer.

> there is no standard ARIN policy which would allow them to reclaim
> legacy space.

There's a long-running debate about that.

AFAIK, ARIN has no legal obligation to keep any registrations in their
database unless a contract, e.g. RSA or LRSA, says so.  To date, the
community has chosen to do so anyway out of a sense of moral obligation,
but that could change at any time.

Other folks claim ARIN has no legal right to "take" space from legacy
holders, but that ignores the plain fact that numbers are not property
and therefore cannot be "taken", just like they cannot be bought or
sold.  Some courts might not understand this well enough to word their
rulings correctly, as happens in many other technical matters, but that
doesn't change reality.


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