[arin-ppml] New IPv4 Transfer policy

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue May 10 15:23:13 EDT 2011

On 10-May-11 13:49, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> On 5/10/2011 10:06 AM, David Farmer wrote:
>> My comment was directed at what I felt was your accusation that you
>> felt the LRSA was misrepresented and was only about the fees that a
>> legacy resource holder should pay.
> OK, but that still doesn't really answer my question of what about the
> LSRA is so much better than the RSA for a company like Microsoft,
> which probably spends more in it's annual budget for office birthday
> parties than it would on ARIN fees?
> In other words, if the fee difference isn't the issue, what is it?

The only other obvious difference is that resources under LRSA cannot be

That's what dangerous about allowing LRSAs for NRPM 8.3 transfers: if
the justification is discovered to be bullshit after the fact, there is
nothing ARIN can do about it.

> The fee structure is, fundamentally, based on the notion that a
> commercial money-making LIR should pay more than something like a
> public university even though they may consume fewer IPv4 addresses.
> Thus it is very irritating when a commercial entity like Microsoft
> appears to get off scott free without making any kind of additional
> compensation to ARIN for enabling it to essentially make a ton more
> money than it's competitors.

I don't see how you get that from the fee structure.  Any org, public or
private, getting an assignment pays $100 per year, and any org, public
or private, getting an allocation pays a lot more.

Supposedly, this is because allocations imply a lot more work for ARIN
processing sub-allocations and sub-assignments, whereas assignments
cannot be sub-allocated or sub-assigned.

> Do we really want an Internet with a few large LIRs and all the
> smaller ones gone out of business?  Because that is what the ARIN fee
> structure encourages.

That's a matter of the decreasing cost per IP for larger allocations. 
It has nothing to do with how wildly divergent the allocation and
assignment fee schedules are.

> People may kick themselves for signing the used car lease, they may
> blame the dealer and decide he's a snake, but they don't go blaming
> the legal system.

Of course they blame the legal system.  They're just wrong; they should
have blamed themselves for not reading/understanding the contract they

This has gotten so bad we now have a federal agency whose express
purpose is to regulate credit contracts because consumers are
unwilling/unable to do it themselves.


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