[arin-ppml] New IPv4 Transfer policy

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue May 10 02:02:46 EDT 2011

On 5/9/11 17:11 CDT, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Ask ARIN
> Financially, the fees for the block of numbers that Microsoft got
> from that transfer are nothing in comparison to what they paid for
> it, and Microsoft is also known for spending tons of money on
> useless stuff. So there must have been some difference between
> the RSA and the LRSA that made Microsoft choose the LRSA and the
> only thing I can think of is the LRSA is less restrictive in some
> manner.
> I suspect we need to have ARIN modify the LRSA. The LRSA was sold
> to us on the basis that it was the same thing as the RSA without
> the annual fee. Obviously, the Microsoft lawyers found out that
> this wasn't true. ARIN has a lot of explaining to do, here.
> Ted

I'm not sure what you feel you were sold.  However, the details of the 
LRSA are not secret, have been published for sometime, and there is more 
than just a difference in fees for Legacy ISPs.  Note: Legacy end users 
pay the same annual fees as any other end user.  So, your view on the 
difference, or lack there of, in the fees can vary significantly 
depending on your perspective. There has been a FAQ regarding the LRSA 
for sometime as well, the current version is at; 

It provides an excellent summary of the LRSA, for those who aren't into 
recreationally reading contracts. :) I know the LRSA, and the RSA, 
almost put me to sleep when I had to read it as part of getting my 
organization to sign them. :)  I only survived with the assistance of 
multiple caffeinated beverages. :)

I'll also add that a number of improvements have been made in the LRSA 
since its initial version, and a number of these improvements have been 
integrated into the RSA as well, for the benefit of everyone who has 
received resources from ARIN.

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