[arin-ppml] Draft proposal that needs some wordsmithing

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Fri May 6 15:26:16 EDT 2011

Hi Ray,

> If your potential customers in APNIC haven't got any IPv4 address, they're 
> likely to migrate to IPv6.
Or likely to try to buy some wherever they can and use them without 
registration if they have to.

> If US corporations have not gone dual stack IPv6 on their external web 
> sites, and instead are obtaining and hoarding IPv4 addresses within the 
> ARIN region to make IPv4 "last forever," they're not going to be able to 
> advertise or sell or download any products to those potential customers in 

Correct, and this would incentivize them to add IPv6 capabilities to reach 
unreachable customers.

> Communication takes two parties. Attempting to keep all the IPv4 addresses 
> in the US is not going to help international communication, which is an 
> essential precursor to international trade.

I agree, and I hope nothing I have done is construed as an attempt to keep 
all the IPv4 addresses in the US.
I'm on record here as supporting a global free market.

> This should also be naked self interest and free market thinking by the US 
> corporations (and anyone else who wants to reduce the trade deficit via 
> International trade)
> As I said, no need to put me in the anti-free-market camp.

I agree that self-interest should be expected of every party when developing 


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