[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-146 Clarify Justified Need for Transfers

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> > I respect that. But just because you don't want to teach your child that
> > doesn't mean it isn't true.  It's not like OIL is allocated based on
> need.
> Hmm, well my experience yesterday waiting in line for 2.5 hrs to get a
> limited amount of petrol suggests that occasionally, the petroleum
> market fails catastrophically, and when that happens, you can't buy
> whatever you want/need from "the market".

And in times of serious shortage government resorted to "needs based" distribution of petrol and other resources (coffee, sugar, wood).  There have been times where people got gasoline vouchers or chits that they could use to purchase a rationed amount of gasoline.  The average family guy got so many, a furniture store got more, and a farmer got even more.  

This would suggest to me that when there is an actual shortage even our venerable US government saw the need of "needs based" distribution rather than just making resources available to the wealthy.  

> > It's allocated based on who can pay for it
> and who can get to the pump first, based on my recent experience.
>  and the market sorts out that
> > price.  IP addresses are a unique resource that happens to be allocated
> > based on need.
> That's right, and I think it should stay that way.  Needs based
> resource allocation has been a "crowdsourced" policy for several
> decades.  I see no reason to junk the "wisdom of the crowd" because we
> are approaching scarcity.
>  There's not many limited resources out there that are like
> > that.
> Agreed.
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