[arin-ppml] Serious question for the list.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu May 5 15:23:36 EDT 2011

On 5/5/11 13:40 CDT, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:

> This is correct, and mutually understood. The current AC perception of
> the Burns-Lyon ideology is that the community does not support. It
> would take substantial influence and discussion to change gears in
> that respect. A bunch of new faces popping up on PPML and supporting
> this idea would not change the AC perception of community support or
> lack thereof.

I can't speak for the whole AC, but yes a bunch of anonymous faces 
popping up simply saying that they support the proposal, or not, would 
have less wait with me.  However, a number of people who seem to 
articulate a real understanding of both the technical and/or broader 
issues would have sway with me.

To me it really does count more if you can explain why you support 
something.  I'm not saying that you always have too.  Only that, if you 
are new somewhere and you want people to take you seriously, being 
articulate can't hurt.

Besides the world would be every boring if everyone agreed with you. :)

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