[arin-ppml] Serious question for the list.

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 5 14:33:25 EDT 2011

> Mike,
> I dislike the idea. PPML is compromised primarily of the olde guard
> that seems intent upon blocking any efforts to commercialize
> registration services. Even with substantial support, at this point it
> seems those who are actually in charge of voting on policy would block
> these attempts until (in an extreme case) they're completely voted out
> of office. Even with AC support, there has to be concurrence within
> the Board of Trustees.

Who do you think is in charge of voting on policy?

The members of ARIN elect the board and the AC.

The AC votes on policies and if they make it past last call and the AC
favors their adoption, the BoT gets a final vote on them.

The AC does pay close attention to PPML and to our perceived will
of the community. Yes, our perceived will of the community is a 
somewhat nebulous concept, but, I think that is unavoidable in
a consensus-based bottom-up process. However, if the community
expresses strong support for a direction contrary to the current
policy, that support would definitely be considered by the AC.


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