[arin-ppml] Serious question for the list.

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu May 5 14:23:18 EDT 2011

On 5/5/2011 11:02 AM, Mike Burns wrote:
> It seems to me that the decision about needs analysis for transfers may
> have some large non-technical components, like one's view of the role of
> markets in allocating scarce resources.
> Yes, there are issues of deaggregation, which are too technical for the
> layman.
> Yes, there is a danger of overburdening the policy development system,
> not something anyone would want.
> But do we want a technical elite making decisions that are not really
> technical, like the value of unrestricted versus restricted markets?

No, we do not.

> Are we inside an ivory tower?

No, but there is a proper way to bring the general public into the
decision making in a large volume.

There isn't (in my opinion) a problem with posting in a rag like
the Libertarian Times or some such, that a mailing list like ppml
EXISTS.  The very few members of the general public who waste their
time with that stuff and who are at all competent and really care
about the issue will investigate, make themselves fully aware of
all of the arguments on all sides of the issue, as well as look
up the rules for the ppml list (which I will remind everyone,
ARIN owns and makes the rules on) then join and contribute in
a positive way.

But the majority of the members of the general public who waste
their time with that stuff and who are NOT competent will find the
bar of actually having to look up the instructions for posting
and rules for joining too difficult to master, and will stay away.

Unless, that is, the poster of the article in the Libertarian Times
gives an explicit step-by-step set of instructions for how to
go about subscribing, that a blind monkey could follow.

If you really and truly want to bring people into the decision
making process who are too ignorant to google up "ppml mailing list"
then the proper way is via publishing a survey in the ragazine.

The author of the article in the Libertarian Times can create a
dumbed-down survey on someplace like survey.com or whatever, that
the ignoramuses can comprehend.

Then we can get the feedback from the unwashed masses without
being drowned in an onslaught of 5000 fools wanting to know what
an IP address is and why we can't make more of them.

But, to save you the time I can predict what the general public
will say in advance - boiled down:

"I want what I have to stay the same and I don't give a damn
if it staying the same prevents 3/4 of the people in the world
who aren't on the Internet now, from ever getting on it.  I
got mine, Jack, and screw the rest of them."


> Regards,
> Mike
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>>>> On 5/5/11 11:49 CDT, Mike Burns wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I have had an idea.
>>>>> Since it has been determined that everybody in the ARIN community with
>>>>> an email address may participate in policy development, how does the
>>>>> list feel about soliciting the input from a broader group of
>>>>> participants?
>>>> While not an absolute requirement, I believe there is an
>>>> understanding that
>>>> some minimal level of technical expertise and interest in the
>>>> details of
>>>> the subject matter are necessary in order to provide useful or
>>>> meaningful
>>>> contribution to the process.
>>> So we would exclude members of the general public (users) then?
>> Where did I say exclude? "not an absolute requirement", an "interest
>> in the details" are needed for a "meaningful contribution". None of
>> that means exclude in my book, it simply means that participation
>> takes effort and if you want people to take you seriously you need to
>> make a effort. That is true in many parts of civil society.
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