[arin-ppml] Serious question for the list.

Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at blacklotus.net
Thu May 5 14:10:28 EDT 2011

> I think it would be better if YOU were to run and be elected and
> serve.  Once you had some real responsibility for the numbering you
> might grow up and quit wasting your brainpower on these sorts of
> unworkable proposals.
> Ted


I don't feel the personal attack is warranted. I'm merely furthering
discussion and expressing opinions, hopefully without attacking anyone
as an individual. I'm certain that the majority of us here have a lot
of experience with significant amounts of responsibility, albeit in
various fields. Your experience is not necessarily better than my
experience, or vice versa.

Please also note that I have not made any proposals, i've been
stopping short at voicing support for proposals of others and testing
the waters on new ideas.

Best regards,
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