[arin-ppml] Serious question for the list.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu May 5 13:45:14 EDT 2011

On 5/5/11 12:25 CDT, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 1:17 PM, David Farmer<farmer at umn.edu>  wrote:
>> On 5/5/11 11:49 CDT, Mike Burns wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have had an idea.
>>> Since it has been determined that everybody in the ARIN community with
>>> an email address may participate in policy development, how does the
>>> list feel about soliciting the input from a broader group of participants?
>> While not an absolute requirement, I believe there is an understanding that
>> some minimal  level of technical expertise and interest in the details of
>> the subject matter are necessary in order to provide useful or meaningful
>> contribution to the process.
> So we would exclude members of the general public (users) then?

Where did I say exclude?  "not an absolute requirement", an "interest in 
the details" are needed for a "meaningful contribution".  None of that 
means exclude in my book, it simply means that participation takes 
effort and if you want people to take you seriously you need to make a 
effort.  That is true in many parts of civil society.

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