[arin-ppml] Fw: Accusationof fundamentalconflictofinterest/IPaddress policypitched directly to ICANN

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Tue May 3 16:15:06 EDT 2011

Hi Kevin, answers inline.


>You think that the DNS registry system that is in place today is a standard 
>to which ARIN should aspire?

I remember paying $100 for domain names from Network Solutions that I can 
get instantly now for $6.

>You think that it will be better when IP addresses are managed in the 
>various courts and by the various governments around the world?  Do you 
>realize that when government starts managing a resource they have to >pay 
>for that management somehow?  Guess how they will do that..

I am not asking governments to manage resources, I am asking them to settle 
inevitable conflicts of law and custom. For example, witness the issues 
related to domain names and trademarks.
Those kinds of decisions require governments to make them. In the case of ip 
transfers, all I expect the government to treat them like the assets they 
are. The government inevitably deals with assets when they tax, for example, 
and when they handle them in divorce or bankruptcy cases, ahem, for example.

>When the US government (not to mention others) gets in to play on this how 
>far do you think we will be from a 'Department of Internet Commerce'?  Do 
>you really want to hasten that eventuality?

I'm not clear on how removing justification requirements (or creating 
private registries) will lead to the Department of Internet Commerce. By all 
means, please understand that the very idea is antithetical to my thinking, 
so you will have to describe the process you are describing.

>If everyone would play nice and not be driven by greed or power then I 
>would be inclined to agree with some of your propositions.  Unfortunately 
>we are living in a far from perfect world.
>qui totum vult totum perdit

My concept of free markets are based on self-interest (greed, if you will).
I appealed to the idea of the Invisible Hand as an example of how 
self-interest leads to the greater good through free markets.
I don't know what part of my ideology relies on people playing nice, I think 
the opposite idea is usually attributed to my ideas.



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