[arin-ppml] Analogies

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue May 3 14:26:41 EDT 2011

> ARIN probably needs to surrender the ability to revoke IP
> Addresses based on censorship grounds back to the community,
> by putting a clause in the RSA restricting ARIN from revoking
> resources for that reason, if it even has
> maintained such an ability, so a policy cannot ever revoke
> resources for the purpose of targetting  content  served by
> hosts using an IP address.

This is a great idea. I commend you for having it.

I would urge that it be a flat prohibition, not a "surrender...back to the community." It involves a separation of functions that should be very clear and rigid. In other words, I agree with this:

ARIN is concerned with stewardship of resources, and management
of what content or traffic can be exchanged by hosts assigned those resources,
is, and should be out of the scope of IP addressing and DNS policy.
Let's be somewhat careful here. Are you saying that we should protect the
rights of snowshoe spammers to obtain vast quantities of resources, for

[Milton L Mueller] My understanding of snowshoe spamming is that it constitutes a misappropriation of others' resources; it has nothing to do with content per se. Take it from someone with deep experience of the ICANN environment: you want to avoid loading IP address allocation with extraneous regulatory functions.

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