[arin-ppml] Statistics regarding NRPM 8.3 Transfers to date

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Mon May 2 23:36:19 EDT 2011

Correct.  I'm guessing we'll see more aggressive filtering based on some
characteristic of the netblock before we see the IPv4 advertising threshold
change from /24 to /23.  If the IPv6 transition is very well along it's
possible that transit providers won't be as reluctant to filter more


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On 5/2/2011 8:18 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:
> To Owen's point, because buyers don't pay for routing slots they may not
> really care if they buy 2 /24's or a /23.  If the "/24's" really are
> cheaper, they'll buy them if they know their upstream will advertise
...and that their upstream's peers will accept the /24 announcements. If 
that ever stops happening for newly-created /24s, then one /23 would be 
infinitely more valuable than 2 /24s.

Matthew Kaufman

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