[arin-ppml] Statistics regarding NRPM 8.3 Transfers to date

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Sun May 1 12:25:30 EDT 2011

On May 1, 2011, at 6:05 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:

>> Imagine you qualify to receive a /23 but there are no /23s available on
>> the market.  AIUI, the policy's intent was to prohibit you buying half
>> of someone else's /22.  However, is there any harm in ARIN fulfilling
>> your request with my two disjoint /24s in that scenario?  Keep in mind
>> you could get my /24s (or one from me and one from someone else) anyway
>> via two separate transfer requests.
> No, that intent went out the window early in the debate. It was replaced with
> an intent to prevent you from creating a /18 equivalent out of disparate /24 sized
> chunks of someone else's /8.

>> This interpretation, which could be creatively read into the policy
>> text, could easily explain the statistics recently posted and, IMHO,
>> doesn't violate the policy's intent or goals.
> While I would be fine with ARIN fulfilling your request with 2 /24s that were already
> disjoint, however, I don't want to see someone with, say, 44/8 find a buyer that needs
> a /20 and sell them 44.0.5/24, 44.0.8/24, 44.15.23/24, 44.28.6/24, etc.

Owen - 

Please elaborate.  The phrase "single aggregate", if moved to the 
resources transferred clause, would definitely preclude the example 
that Stephen provides.


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