[arin-ppml] New Entrants shut out? (Was: ARIN-2011-5: ... - Last Call

Michael Dillon wavetossed at googlemail.com
Sun May 1 17:43:46 EDT 2011

> In the meantime, during the time period that IPv4 is "out" yet IPv4
> still remains the dominant method of connection to the Internet, then
> yes, new ISP entrants will be "shut out"  This will not last - but
> wanna-be ISPs should probably shelve their business plans for another
> decade and go find something else to do until the issue sorts itself out.

That's a bit harsh.

First of all, I don't think that the "shut out" will last anything
close to a decade. More like a year or two.

And most importantly, you will get a head start if you already have IP
network expertise, and the way
to do that is to build up some other IP network related business
today, and then exand into ISP
services when you are ready. If you can put your thinking cap on, gaze
into the future a decade or more,
and see what kind of additional services a successful ISP would have
in addition the current model.
Then build a business around one of those additional services, use
pure IPv6 in your internal
infrastructure and access the Internet through some form of gateway
for the time being.

--Michael Dillon

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