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ARIN-prop-145 STLS Listing Immunity

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ARIN-prop-145 STLS Listing Immunity

Proposal Originator: Matthew Kaufman

Proposal Version: 1

Date: 2 May 2011

Proposal type: new

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Add a subsection to Section 12 (Resource Review) of the NRPM:

ARIN may not revoke any resources issued by ARIN that are presently
listed as "available" on the ARIN Specified Transfer Listing Service
unless there is sufficient reason to believe that the holder does not in
fact intend to transfer these resources.


An entity may list space as available and might begin the process of
moving out of that space in order to facilitate the transfer. A review
after such work was in progress might reveal that the addresses are not
sufficiently utilized.

Additionally, because posting a listing on the STLS signals directly to
ARIN that an entity believes it can use addresses more efficiently, ARIN
might simply use STLS listings in order to trigger audit under 12.2(c).
This would not be fair. (And would be a disincentive to using the ARIN
STLS at all in order to list available space)

This policy would also serve to increase the value of the ARIN STLS over
other possible transfer listing services, increasing the transparency of
the transfer market, particularly to ARIN, who wishes to ensure that
transfers take place within NRPM 8.3.

Timetable for implementation: immediate

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