[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - March 2011

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Mar 23 22:28:24 EDT 2011

> So I think the question is whether the community thinks it would be
> worthwhile for ARIN to develop a process to validate an address
> holder's legitimacy, the same way they do for the LRSA today, but then
> simply provide some sort of pre-qualification document to the holder
> while he goes out looking for a party to transfer the block to.
> Ideally, IMO, this pre-qualification could be upgraded to a full LRSA
> with just a couple signatures (i.e. when the 8.3 transfer transaction
> is otherwise approved).
As I have said elsewhere before, I do not believe that ARIN should bend
over backwards to aid legacy holders who choose not to participate in
the ARIN process by making new policies available to them without an
LRSA. If legacy holders want to opt out of new policies by not signing
the LRSA (and I'm not saying failing to sign an LRSA actually accomplishes
that, just that that seems to be what they think they are gaining), then, they
should not be entitled to new policies on a piecemeal basis.

Either accept new ARIN policies and sign a contract recognizing ARIN
as the authoritative registry, or, don't. As it stands, the LRSA provides
substantial advantages over the RSA. I see no advantage to ARIN or
to the ARIN community from further extending the ability to monetize
address space under ARIN policy in the absence of a signed LRSA, but,
I do see significant risk to ARIN in doing so.


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