[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2011-5: Shared Transition Space for IPv4 Address Extension - IAB comment

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 21:53:18 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 6:14 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 1:43 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
> Personally, I'd like to see the board chart a course similar to option
> 4. Our ISPs need this address space NOW, not 3 years from now when
> their multilevel NAT deployments are done. However, ARIN does not
> provide the proper forum nor is the NRPM the proper mechanism to work
> through and document the technical details which are not, as
> previously mentioned, the same as RFC 1918. That forum will be found
> within the IETF.

I agree....  expeditious action is required, and IETFs' process is not

The most expedient thing to do is for ARIN to pass 2011-05 and handle
the allocation
of the shared network;  after all, ARIN itself is a consortium (of
resource holders)
anyways (sort of).

If a third party consortium were used,  ARIN could make a policy to
allow allocation of
a single /10 to a consortium meeting certain criteria -- but it's
simpler to just allocate the
block,  and then defer to the IETF to fully flesh out the usage of the
block / rules / standards
about when / where / why  addreses from the block should be used.

Another possibility would be to find a legacy holder willing to stand
up and publicly
promise a /10 for that purpose.

Anyways,  all methods of allocating a 'shared block' from ARIN non-legacy space
that require a consortium have
a problem  -- the consortium has to pay maintenance fees, and maintain contacts
for WHOIS, under current policy.    If the consortium falls apart, or
the money for
maintenance fees runs out,  then under policy, the address space could
be subject
to revokation.

This could be a stability risk, for users of shared space, or for
possible future
assignees.    It would seem to make  'have a consortium apply as an end user'

'Shared use of a block' is not a standard utilization of IP address space;
end users cannot re-assign or allocate IPs for other users, and ISPs are
required to obtain a criterion of justification;  none of the policies
in the NRPM
address an LIR "Assigning addresses to _everyone_  for shared use"

The community needs are met more clearly, if it is at least be
official policy that the
assignment is permanent  and listed as shared in WHOIS  and other places.

Therefore, my suggestion is that ARIN pass 2011-05.   Reserve a /10
for shared use.
Inform members of the region of a block currently available and
permanently reserved
for shared use,  what that block is,  BUT  discourage actual
production use of the
block,  until the IETF has had an opportunity to review ARIN's draft
proposal for
the designation of the block & its intended purposes.

And list in WHOIS as such, but don't declare it a "special block" or
"reserved block"

After the block is fully reserved within the region,   submit a draft
under IETF standards
process, to request permanent official global recognition of the block, and IETF
management of it.


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