[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2011-1 - Inter-RIRTransfers -Shepherd's Inquiry

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Thu Jun 23 12:31:21 EDT 2011


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> Shepherd's Inquiry
> Hi Kevin,
> > I know that too, and I also know that if my family needs food and
> another
> > family needs food I am feeding mine first, then if I have any food left
> > over I will share.  I don't see the other RIR's making great strides to
> > prepare to share any IP space they have globally.
> I understand the argument about using ARIN resources in ARIN territory. I
> think it may be a bit jingoistic, but I respect the argument.
> It is a separate discussion though, from the needs test which was the
> issue
> I was raising with Owen.
> I also believe that the free pool should be reserved for ARIN members and
> there should be protections against an end-run on the free pool through an
> Inter-RIR transfer policy.
> >
> >>
> >> Basically you are holding those companies' justifiable need hostage to
> >> the
> >> fears you have about market speculators and the like.
> >>
> >> Nevermind that there is no evidence of that speculation happening and
> >> nevermind that APNIC has a real, honest need, and nevermind that ARIN
> has
> >> the benefit of huge legacy allocations.
> >
> > Good! Hurrah!  If there is going to be no speculation then we can
> abandon
> > the whole IP market thing.
> experience any issues.
> My argument is that we cannot abandon the whole IP market thing. It is out
> of our control, because the limited power we have is in Whois and reverse
> naming.
> We can't force network operators to route or not to route certain
> addresses,
> and I see no stomach at ARIN for challenging legacy transfers by revoking
> and reissuing their space.
> So to think we have any significant power to prevent the rise of an IPv4
> market is naive. What we should do is acknowledge it and take the steps to
> transition ARIN from an arbiter of who gets addresses to a title-agency
> whose routing authority is respected enough to handle the challenges
> facing
> registration in the post-exhaust world.

This falls back to the argument that illicit drug sales are going to happen anyway and we can't stop them so we should legislate and tax them.  I personally don't buy that argument and I refuse to believe that we should facilitate a bad practice just because it is inevitable.  

The majority of drivers break speed limit laws, yet I still feel speed limit laws are good and necessary.  Even if rules don't completely eradicate a problem the existence of the rules can ameliorate the problem.

> Regards,
> Mike

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