[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2011-1 - Inter-RIR Transfers - Shepherd's Inquiry

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Wed Jun 22 18:33:15 EDT 2011

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 4:57 PM, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:
>> Since the current proposals are
>> no-ops unless APNIC changes their transfer policy in Busan, I'm ok
>> waiting to discuss them at Philly as well.
> First, the current proposals are not no-ops. They happen to exclude
> APNIC unless APNIC happens to change their policy.


I was privately reminded that 2011-1 is intended to be an ARIN-local
policy rather than a global policy ratified by all five RIRs. It's
intended to express the criteria under which we'll participate in
address transfers, not set global policy.

With that in mind, I suggest some more concrete language:

"Where the Board of Trustees unanimously determines that another RIR
implements needs-based addressing policies comparable to ARIN's, ARIN
shall endeavor to establish bilateral and reciprocal agreements which
permit registrants to transfer addresses between regions.

Both registrants involved in transfers under such agreements shall
meet the local policy requirements of both registries. The transfer
shall be revoked unless the recipient puts received resources to use
for a networking purpose within 3 months of receipt. Transferred
resources become part of the resource holdings of the recipient RIR
unless otherwise agreed by both RIRs.

Such transfer agreements shall terminate immediately upon a plurality
determination by the Board that the other RIR no longer implements a
comparable, needs-based addressing policy."

In the above, I tried to stay true to Bill's language while correcting
the problems with vagueness about when ARIN will or won't transfer.
Bill's original language was:

"Address resources may be transferred.... in or out of the ARIN region
to those who demonstrate need and plan to deploy them for a networking
purpose within 3 months. Such transfers will take place between RIRs
who share compatible, needs-based policies on behalf of entities
agreeing to the transfer and which otherwise meet both RIR's policies.
Transferred resources will become part of the resource holdings of the
recipient RIR unless otherwise agreed by both RIRs."

Suggested additions:

"within 3 months of receipt and continues using it for said purpose
for at least 1 year."

"ARIN registrants which have received IPv4 addresses from the ARIN
free pool within the last 2 years are ineligible to offer addresses
for transfer to another region. ARIN registrants which transfer
addresses outregion are ineligible to receive additional IPv4
addresses from the ARIN free pool."

Transfers should not be allowed to deplete the remaining free pool;
we'll exhaust that soon enough all by ourselves.


Bill Herrin

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