[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2011-1 - Inter-RIR Transfers - Shepherd's Inquiry

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Jun 21 18:04:19 EDT 2011

>> The simple answere to your question is that many of the NO votes for forwarding to last call were based upon 'clarity' issues not on the overall sentiment of the community as voiced on the PPML and at the Puerto Rico Public Policy Meeting.  I am pursuing that clarity and incoporating other feedback from PR PPM and the AC meeting where the votes you identify were taken.
>> I will also consider the questions you pose above as part of my shepherd's duty.  I'm sure the rest of community will also incorporate those considerations.
> I guess I'm not clear on what the consensus looks like at this point
> since I'm under the impression that there is a significant lack of
> support community wise.
> But fair enough. Considering the lack of support overall though, I'd
> strongly suggest abandonment as a serious issue for continued AC
> discussion.

I think there was strong community support for 2001-1 as it was written at the Puerto Rico meeting.

I think there was widespread belief that the language needed clarification in a couple of areas
and someone was hung up on trying to deprecate RFC-2050 for reasons passing understanding.

Now we've got an entirely different proposal on the table from Bill, but, it at least appears to
preserve all the same intent. As such, I can get on board with bringing that modification to
Philly as a new draft policy for further community discussion towards adoption.

Alternatively, there were very minor issues with the original 2011-1 that we had some simple
language tweaks to address. I have expressed support for those and would favor bringing
that language to a vote for forwarding to last call at our meeting on Thursday.

I won't pretend to speak for the rest of the AC, but, I do not feel that abandonment is appropriate
given the strong community support for the proposal before we started mucking with it after
the PR meeting. We owe it to the community to find a way to come to agreement on the
changes suggested by the community and bring the result either to last call or to the
next PPM at the very least.


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