[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-154 Shared Space for IPv4 Address Extension (w/IETF considerations)

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Mon Jul 4 14:14:34 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 12:20 PM, John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
> On Jul 4, 2011, at 12:26 PM, William Herrin wrote:
>> Yes, I understand your interpretation of the matter. You recommend we
>> punt back to the IETF and let them run with the ball for a while. And
>> if someone else would like to write a proposal that ARIN play lap dog
>> to the IETF on prop 2011-5, I'm sure I can find it within myself not
>> to invent process grounds for objecting.
> Bill - RFC2860 indicates that the IETF should establish the criteria
> and procedures for a reservation of the type proposed in Draft Policy
> 2011-5.


Prop 154 indicates the same. That's what makes it different from
2011-5. But 154 also facilitates ARIN constituents' operation for the
three years it's going to take the IETF to work through the

This community has argued for years as to exactly what we should do
with the endgame IPv4 addresses. We've finally reached a strong
consensus on how to use those addresses to keep IPv4 limping along
while we wait for IPv6 ubiquity. Do you honestly believe that in a
million years the authors of RFC 2860 intended to sabotage, delay or
play turf wars with that effort?

Of course they didn't. And that's how I know with absolute certainty
that prop 154 does not violate the -spirit- of RFC 2860.

>> We can dance the language a little bit more.
> Absolutely. Whether that would be perverting the intent of RFC2860
> would be a determination for the ARIN Board, particularly given that
> the IAB has already considered this matter at the Board's request and
> asked that it be taken to the IETF so the technical implications can
> be considered.

And that's why I don't want to dance the language. Or allocate the
addresses to a consortium. Or any other clever circumventions folks
will invariably come up with. This situation calls for prompt,
effective and honest action by ARIN followed by close cooperation with
the IETF. It doesn't call for dithering or being needlessly lawyerly
and I'd hate to see careless choices escalate it into something that

Bill Herrin

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