[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-128: Replacement of Section

Lee Howard spiffnolee at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 10:11:09 EST 2011

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> From: "Hannigan, Martin" <marty at akamai.com>

> There are many reasons why an  application may be in suspense at the time of
> the reduction, including ARIN  dawdling on responding, a surprise audit that
> would complete successfully if  the application were in an accepted stage,
> etc. 

ARIN dawdling?  If this proposal passes, it will slow processing of applications
by encouraging a flood of them.  Makes the problem worse, not better.

By "surprise audit" do you mean a resource review under NRPM section 12?
The reasons for those audits are in paragraph 2.
a. ARIN always reviews prior allocations before making new allocations; if you
change that, that's even stronger encouragement to submit an application 
before previous assignments have been utilized.
You've been working with ARIN long enough to know that a well-maintained
address management system makes these reviews quick and painless.
b.  Surely ARIN should not stop fraud investigations because runout is
c.  If you want ARIN not to start any resource reviews "at any other time"
between now and IANA runout, I would understand.  Reviews already
under way should be completed, though.  If they are not, then we could
very well allocate addresses to satisfy a 12-month request, which would
have to be returned following the resource review.

I don't understand how an audit would "complete successfully if  the 
application were in an accepted stage," if it would not complete
successfully otherwise.

> Do you have any  suggestions for some criteria that we might be able to
> insert into the text  to make this more palatable?

No.  If this proposal were "Do not start any new resource reviews,
except for fraud research or new allocation requests," then I would 
reconsider it.



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