[arin-ppml] End non-public IPv4 assignments?

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Mon Jan 24 13:30:41 EST 2011

On 1/24/2011 11:26 AM, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> None of the enterprises advertises the private exchange to the
> public internet, so if you're on the public internet you can't see
> it at all.  However, they all connect (reason it must be unique)
> and they also all connect to the public Internet (reason it must
> be gobally unique).

IPv4 is also not good at supporting multiple address bonding. As such, 
there are issues when an enterprise connects to multiple private 
exchanges. These connections are also not static and pre-planned ahead 
of time. An enterprise cannot check with all exchanges they might 
connect to to make sure they have unique addressing if and when they do 


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