[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-127: Shared Transition Space for IPv4 Address Extension

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Sat Jan 22 07:45:47 EST 2011

In message <5A6D953473350C4B9995546AFE9939EE0BC13547 at RWC-EX1.corp.seven.com>, "
George Bonser" writes:
> I suppose my position is one of neutral at this point for the following
> reasons:
> 1. I don't maintain that sort of network so I probably don't have the
> kind of insight into what it is going to require during the transition.
> I will defer to the operators of that sort of network to know what they
> need.
> 2. v4 is dead anyway so in my opinion, the whole thing is a big waste of
> time and if someone wants to waste their time, fine with me.  I was not
> placed in this world to protect people from themselves.
> 3. Runout of v4 is probably not going to impact the network I am
> responsible for as we plan to migrate to v6 fairly quickly once the ball
> starts rolling.  As we migrate more services to v6, we will start
> removing v4 IPs from service as the traffic peters out.  My experience
> with v6 is likely to be one of reduced v4 IP space requirements, not an
> increase, so the removal of the /10 from the pool won't have any impact.

The ball started rolling 10+ years ago.  Even the root servers (a
very conservative bunch) added AAAA records two years ago and had
been running on IPv6 for years before that but you needed to tweak
your nameserver configuration to reach the IPv6 instance.

> But having said that, in the context of what I believe is best for the
> community as a whole, I still have my doubts that this is in the best
> interest, but again will defer to those who work in that space to know
> best what they need to get their job done.
> George
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