[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-127: Shared Transition Space for IPv4Address Extension

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Fri Jan 21 19:28:41 EST 2011

> Again, large quantities of space will be required for NAT444. NAT444
> going to happen. The space used to accomplish this should be coming
> from a global policy, however, we are out of time for this to work. If
> we don't do something soon, people will use space inappropriately.
> proposal gets providers to use a known /10 we can filter on and
> implement it correctly / legitimately, the first time. Please give it
> support.
> Cheers,
> Aaron

There should be ways to reduce the space needed for 444.  If, for
example, you are a national provider, you could reuse that same 444
space in each region.  But I suppose the other thing is,  who cares if a
provider chooses to use 444, they can use their own address space for
it.  A small operator might get by with a /24 someone else might need a

Seems to me the real goal here is to deploy it in a manner where it
doesn't actually eat any of the provider's own resources.  Making the
provider provision it out of their own resources might actually keep the
implementation down to only where it is absolutely necessary.  Creating
this global /10 would, in my opinion, encourage the deployment of it.
If it is "going to happen anyway", then so be it, it is what it is.  But
if the providers need to use a chunk of their own space for it, it
forces an economy in the use of it.

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