[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-127: Shared Transition Space for IPv4Address Extension

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> And I still believe we need to drive a stake through its heart at some
> point and actively kill it.  Basically to say "you can use v4 if you
> want in private networks or between individual networks but it isn't
> going to be supported ubiquitously on the global Internet after $DATE".

[WES] I mentioned it in passing earlier, but after I spent a lot of time
discussing this issue with the authors of the IETF address reservation
draft, we decided to write another draft. It started out being a draft to
formally deprecate IPv4, and ended up morphing into a simple draft which
updates the standards for "IP devices" to require IPv6, rather than it being
simply optional. It's largely symbolic, because the decision to support or
not support IPv6 is largely a business decision, but it will at least
provide guidance at the IETF level that IPv6 is important to support,
instead of IETF being largely agnostic on the matter. There are other people
who since reviewing http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-george-ipv6-required-00
have said that they think that it is probably a good idea to write the draft
deprecating IPv4, but that they agree that we should start with the simpler
thing that is easier to gain consensus on. That is, IPv4 is exhausted, IPv6
isn't going anywhere, and if you want to build an IP-capable device, you had
better not stop with IPv4; and then work towards gaining consensus to
deprecate IPv4 once that groundwork is laid.
So I guess you could say that we're working on that stake in the ground.
Aaron's right that it won't eliminate it completely, but it might help to
nudge IPv6 towards the dominant protocol sooner.

<shameless plug> If you are looking for a reason to get involved at IETF,
the authors of this draft would be happy for your support on the IntAREA WG
email list ;-) </plug>

Wes George
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