[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-127: Shared Transition Space for IPv4 Address Extension

George, Wes E [NTK] Wesley.E.George at sprint.com
Fri Jan 21 08:56:37 EST 2011

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> The problem I see with this is that it potentially enables v4 in
> perpetuity.  People have had a decade to get v4-only stuff out of their
> networks.  V4 is dead, we need to stop bending over backwards to allow
> its continued used and allow it to die.
[WES] The IPv6 purist in me couldn't agree more. The pragmatist in me
understands that this is an oversimplification of the situation, especially
when you start looking at this from the consumer/residential perspective,
rather than the enterprise. 
How many of the network-connected devices in your house support IPv6 right
now, besides your PC/Mac/Linux box and/or Android/iPhone (wifi only)? [In my
case, exactly none, mainly because I couldn't *find* things that did when it
was time to purchase]. You want to replace them all to make the
network-connected parts keep working? How about your mobile phone?
Would you look for another ISP if you called me to complain and I told you
that you *had* to replace one or more of the devices that *you* paid for in
order to make them work on my network? Ok, then independent of any IPv6
support on the content side, we need a solution to allow IPv4's continued
use. Yes, NAT444 may still break some of that stuff, and yes, *extremely*
poor form on the vendors' parts for not making their devices IPv6-capable 5
or 10 years ago, but it's still an installed base that is totally beyond the
control of the ISP.

Regardless of what we do, NAT444 is a necessary evil. It's just a question
of how much remaining address space (if any) we want to use in the
commission of said evil. 

Wes George
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