[arin-ppml] Alternative to proposal 125: Requiring IPv6 planning for IPv4 allocations

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Jan 10 19:30:14 EST 2011

> Which of these following principles from the revised rational are obectionable?
>> To encourage IPv6 deployment prior to and post depletion,
>> to enable growth of IPv4 to accelerate IPv6 transition and
>> to improve the utilization of IP addresses.

They're all laudable goals, just like:

	To promote world peace
	To end world hunger

They are also equally applicable to ARIN policy, IMHO, with the exception
fot the third one which isn't really all that applicable to what 125 actually
would do.

There is a difference between goals which belong in outreach and
education and goals which should be address policy.

ARIN has tackled each of these goals through outreach and
education and that is a good thing.

Trying to turn the first two goals into policy, OTOH, goes too far and gets
into the issue of ARIN literally trying to define business and operational
considerations for resource recipients at a new level of micromanagement.


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