[arin-ppml] Semi-serious proposal to start 2011

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Jan 4 20:13:27 EST 2011

> I didn't bother with a template because it would just cause unnecessary work
> for the AC. In the first business day of the new year APnic is running on a
> pace to hand out more than they did last year, so they will be completely
> exhausted before June 1. RIPE is on pace to be exhausted by July 1, so I
> agree that it really doesn't matter what policy changes are attempted at
> this point. As I said before, stop worrying about it and move on...

	If you'd really like to see it happen, feel free to submit a template.
I'm sure the AC will be happy to do the right thing with it.


(Speaking only for myself and not on behalf of the AC)

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