[arin-ppml] Semi-serious proposal to start 2011

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> My basic feeling is that some people will move early because 
> it is fun and they are adventurous, some will move because 
> they can see the business advantage to being a front runner, 
> but most people will move when they have to and not before.  
> Artificial pricing structures and taxes and artificial 
> roadblocks are almost always bad.
> It is not ARIN's responsibility to ensure that individual 
> networks transition smoothly.  All ARIN can do is make the 
> information available and hope that people take advantage of it.  
> My forecast:
> Bolstering an artificial IP market to try and do some profit 
> taking will be a great disservice to the community. I am 
> convinced it will happen because the greedy people are more 
> motivated to make it so than the rest of us are to prevent 
> it. Once IP's are declared property (if you can trade it or 
> buy it or sell it or rent it or lease it then it is 
> manageable as property, no matter how strenuously you 
> protest) then government regulation and taxation will be soon 
> to follow.  Bad things will happen after that.  
> IMHO the best thing we could do is to maintain the current 
> SOP and let IPv4 experience a steady predictable runout.  Any 
> attempts at micro-managing the runout will only rearrange the 
> inevitable and create chaos and will have only minor if any 
> affect on the runout date.

I very much agree with what Kevin expresses above....

> Kevin
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