[arin-ppml] Support for Policy Proposal 126

Garris, John (HQ-WIH10) john.garris at nasa.gov
Thu Jan 20 07:05:42 EST 2011

I fully support ARIN Policy Proposal 126.

John Garris
Special Agent In-Charge, Computer Crimes Division
NASA Office of Inspector General
HQ NASA, 300 E St SW, Wash DC 20546

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Policy Proposal 126

Organizations found by ARIN to be materially out of compliance with
current ARIN policy shall be requested or required to return resources
or update reassignment information as needed to bring them into (or
reasonably close to) compliance.

12.5 Update to:
If the organization does not voluntarily return resources or update
reassignment information as requested, ARIN will cease providing reverse
DNS services and/or revoke any resources issued by ARIN as required to
bring the organization into overall compliance.  ARIN shall follow the
same guidelines for revocation that are required for voluntary return in
the previous paragraph.

12.6 Update to:
Except in cases of fraud, or violations of policy, an organization shall
be given a minimum (30) days to respond.  Progress of record(s)
correction(s) must be visible within (60) days after correspondence with
ARIN began or ARIN will start proceeding with removal of DNS services
and/or resources issued by ARIN.  ARIN shall negotiate a longer term
with the organization if ARIN believes the organization is working in
good faith to substantially restore compliance and has a valid need for
additional time to renumber out of the affected blocks.


To date the community has not documented or firmly established use of an
effective enforcement mechanism.  This policy will support current
policy and compel those who are allocated ARIN resources to maintain the
proper WHOIS records in accordance with ARIN NRPM.  While it is
recognized this is not an absolute solution to ensure compliance, it is
the best method under current ARIN policies.

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