[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2010-8: Rework of IPv6 assignment criteria - adopted

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Feb 11 18:30:44 EST 2011

Fees are not directly a policy issue.

However, I would hope the Board could find a way to minimize any early 
adopter tax, as one might refer to this issue if one were so inclined. 
That said, there still probably needs to be some additional fee, 
additional work will be done.

Here is a simple idea;

If an end-user organization that already received an IPv6 assignment and 
is eligible to receive a larger assignment with this new policy, their 
fee will be the larger of $500 or the difference between what their new 
fee would have been and their original fee, if the new assignment is 
processed before December 31, 2011.

Just an idea;

We should probably discuss this issue related to Draft Policy 2011-3: 
Better IPv6 Allocations for ISPs, as well.  There is likely to be a 
similar issue with that policy too.

On 2/11/11 16:27 CST, Randy Carpenter wrote:
> Does anyone know how the fees will work once this is in place?
> An example is that we have a /48 at our main site, and have 2 remote sites now, and possibly more in the future. Under this new policy, we would qualify for a /44. We are an end-user, so we paid the fee for the /48 upfront, and just pay the maintenance fee. The initial fee is the same for a /48 or /44. If the policy were in place before, we would have just gotten the /44 to begin with. Do we have to pay the fee again to expand the /48 into a /44 ?
> thanks,
> -Randy

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