[arin-ppml] Application requests for IPv6?

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What is the percentage of ISPs that were denied a reasonable sized block vs.
being forced into a /32 because that is the fad? I define 'reasonable' in
this context as - existing customer base @ something larger than a /64 per
customer -. 


The point is I am still hearing people say they can't deploy more than a /64
to their customers because that won't fit in the /32 they got from ARIN. I
am also hearing that when orgs walk in with documentation showing multiple
downstream ISPs they are not getting sufficient space to assign each of
those ISPs even a /32, let alone what it would take to meet the above
definition of reasonable. Essentially the question becomes 'why doesn't ARIN
have any service provider IPv6 allocations of order /20?' The implication is
an overly strict interpretation of the policy...





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Hi Marty-

In response to your recent inquiry about IPv6 requests to ARIN, staff has
produced the following data.  

Total IPv6 Requests January 2009 through January 2011:

ISP requests  received - 748 
ISP requests approved - 712 or 96%

Generally speaking, for ISPs, there are almost no denials for IPv6 address
requests.  Anything not approved was likely an end-user who put in an ISP
request and needed to resubmit as an end-user.  In fact, during this past
year, there have been no denials to ISPs/LIRs under the IPv6 allocation
policy which seems to indicate that the current policy has been very

End-user requests received -  464 
End-user requests approved - 403 or 87%

Almost all of the denied end-user requests were to small single-homed
networks who were unable to meet any one of the policy criteria: they either
(1) weren't  using enough IPv4 address space to qualify under current IPv4
policy, (2) had no legacy space, or (3) didn't qualify as a community

I hope this information helps!


Leslie Nobile,
Director, Registration Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers

On 2/6/11 6:48 PM, "Martin Hannigan" <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Staff et. Al,
> Can we get a recap of activity around resource requests for IPv6 and a
> characterization of refusals, if any? If there are none, it would be
> interesting to hear a general conclusion as to why. I'm interested to
> see if there are any holes here considering all of the work that has
> been done to ease access to v6 for transition.
> Best, and go Steelers!
> -M<
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