[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-136 Services Opt-out Allowed for Unaffiliated Address Blocks

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Feb 24 13:35:55 EST 2011

On Feb 25, 2011, at 1:52 AM, Benson Schliesser wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2011, at 10:29 PM, Keith W. Hare wrote:
>> I am opposed to prop-136.
>> Prop-136 is dancing around the edges of the real question of whether the ARIN community wants to give up on participant-driven policies and needs-based resource allocations in favor of money-based allocations and for-profit corporate policies.
> I don't think prop-136 dances around the issue: it deals with it directly, for legacy holders in the ARIN region, by allowing them to opt-out of ARIN regulation.
> ...
> I agree that we should discuss the issues you raise, but please don't lose sight of the actual policy text and meaning.

Focusing on the actual policy text and meaning is best.

If your goal is to "allow legacy holders in the ARIN region
to opt-out of ARIN regulation", then it might be necessary
to make the explicit in the policy proposal text, as policy 
text presently simply makes clear the availability of the 
option of legacy address to deploy their own  distributed 
Whois services (e.g. rWHois or similar per NRPM 3.2).

An address holder who "opts-out" still receives a Whois 
pointer from ARIN to their local directory service, just 
as an ISP running their own local directory service.  It
also appears from legacy holders may or may not still be
receiving other services (such as reverse DNS services.)

Such service changes would not change the address block being 
subject to community policies that have been established in the 
ARIN region, so if changing that fact is the intent of the policy 
it would be best to be explicit in the actual policy text. I do 
not know offhand where such a declaration would occur in the ARIN 
Number Resource Policy Manual since it covers the policies for 
number resources in the region, and you might need to instead need
to propose changing at least the first sentence of ICANN ICP-2 
<http://www.icann.org/en/icp/icp-2.htm> to define new types of 
entities, as it is quite clear that Regional Internet Registries
are"delegated responsibility for management of Internet resources 
within a given region of the globe."


John Curran
President and CEO

p.s.  Details on revising global policies may be found here:


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