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The sentence which preceded your quote addressed your issue:
"A recent study showed that there is no part of RFC1918 space which would not overlap with some IPv4
gateways, and therefore to prevent address conflicts, new address space is needed."

[WEG] Citing this study is really taking things out of context in order to help justify a fairly
tenuous assumption. I was part of the discussion that led to that study being shared, and it is a
study of CPE within the JDM, which is quite different from the US market, both in equipment
available, size and scope. It also does not consider whether this is the default config or whether
the user purposely changed the address block being used, which I believe are significantly different
Because the policy authors insisted on making what is basically a global issue specific to the ARIN
region, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a study *from* the ARIN region as justification
that this is anything more than a minor issue. As Joel says, this is a long-tail problem - you have
the majority of devices using a certain part of 1918 due to their default config. The assertion that
the presence of even one device with a default config using a particular part of 1918 space
invalidates use of that space because of the support difficulties in getting that device
reconfigured is being overly rigid in order to justify your chosen solution. 
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