[arin-ppml] Proposal insanity --- an open letter

Tony Hain alh-ietf at tndh.net
Mon Feb 21 18:57:10 EST 2011

John Curran wrote:
> Tony -
>  Thanks for the thought-provoking input, as well as the
>  succinct summary of opposition to all the listed proposals...
>  The one surprising element is that several of the policy
>  proposals you list express similar concerns to those that
>  were alluded to in your soliloquy; are you certain that
>  none of the policy proposals would improve the situation
>  from your perspective?  (I ask only because it is
>  predominantly via the policy development process that
>  changes in ARIN's address management practices occurs)

Yes we need an active policy development process, but IPv4 is baked and it
is time to stop stirring that dough ball. There might be improvements in the
proposal set, but the amount of effort needed to refine them and highlight
the value is time distracted from real work. At the end of the day they make
no difference in the outcome other than to delay its inevitable conclusion. 

In case it wasn't clear, my comments were directed at the set of proposals
and the never ending discussion threads. They explicitly do not assume any
positions are being taken by ARIN staff or AC members. The point being that
if that set of proposals passed as a collective, the outcome would be as


> Thanks,
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO

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