[arin-ppml] Proposal insanity --- an open letter

Tony Hain alh-ietf at tndh.net
Mon Feb 21 17:52:14 EST 2011

30,000 ft. summary of prop's 126, 129-131, 133-135

Open letter to Legacy IPv4 resource holders that have not signed the LRSA:

We, the self-designated illuminati, hereby declare your use of IPv4
resources as fraudulent since your lack of attention to the LRSA makes you
clearly out of compliance with this-week's version of ARIN policy (never
mind that some of us were not even born when you received your allocation
and couldn't possibly know if you have ever violated the terms of the
original agreement). We demand you cease using IPv4, so that this
eminent-domain action will allow us to continue to sit on our collective a$$
(as we have for over a decade) and do nothing about moving past the need for
IPv4. We are hereby notifying you that the record in the whois database for
your resource will be changed to those of us with 'legitimate' need, as our
lethargy makes our use of the resource much more important than your dubious
historical efforts at fostering the nascent Internet. Besides you have a
history of going first, so give us your IPv4 resources and move straight to
IPv6-only now (we may even allow you to become a member of our exclusive
club ... just pay the -p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l- nominal dues).

Also, don't pay attention to the fact that while we refuse to recognize any
historical rights you may claim to use of the IPv4 addressing resource, we
are informing the rest of the world that since you happened to exist in our
region we have *EXCLUSIVE* rights to any and all resources reclaimed from
legacy assignments. It is very simple, we are greedy and lazy, and really
don't want to be bothered doing the real work that deploying IPv6 would
require.  You should also recognize that while we repeatedly chant the
official mantra 'ARIN says nothing about the routability of a given
allocation', this eminent-domain action explicitly guarantees that your
attempts at continued use of the resource will be blocked from global
routing (don't ask us how because we can't tell anyone what routes to
carry). We are simply putting you on a blacklist as non-compliant, and
taking what we want, because we declared we can. Next week we will dream up
something new to keep us busy with endless email threads so we can further
delay that real work over in the corner.

ARIN policy mafia 

Seriously, it is long past time to stop playing games and refusing to
recognize reality. This region has no more rights to any returned resource
than any other, and arguably has less given the consumption rate here is not
on the growth path that other regions show. 'Legitimate use' can't be
subject to the whims of the week, and many truly legitimate use cases have
been denied over the last decade as this community refused to allow the
smaller players access to the resources. Get over your self-aggrandizement
and recognize that there are unmet needs in the system, and those needs will
be dealt with now that 'legitimate need' becomes measured by the market
value rather than the whims of an exclusive club. 

The one thing that is clear is that the IPv4 resources in the ARIN region
will become the most untraceable mess possible because the continued
arrogance about 'need' will drive most market participants to avoid letting
ARIN in on the activities. This alone should cause the DoJ to jump on the
heads of the DoC in a vain attempt at sanity injection. At this point I
doubt anyone has a large enough clue-bat to deal with the swelled head that
the ARIN illuminati portrays. 


FWIW: opposed to all listed proposals

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