[arin-ppml] is NAT an inevitabile part of IPv4 / IPv6 transition

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Tue Feb 8 22:37:38 EST 2011

On 2/8/2011 9:19 PM, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> given that wireless carrriers are there already it's not really a
> question of maybe. v6 only deployments will occur but that's not per-say
> a solution.

Even v6 only deployments will need NAT64 or 4rd (not really v6 only) 
until market demand on IPv4 diminishes enough for us to tell the rest to 
get over it and buy IPv6 gear or create their own 4 over 6 tunnels. 
Unlike IPv6, where often you may not have seen an extra charge (some 
did), you will see increased fees if you want IPv4 on the IPv6 internet 
before it's all over. This will be the ISP exerting reverse pressure on 
the market (we switched to IPv6, now you can pay us if you want to use 
that legacy junk which increases our support costs). That's supposing we 
don't just get fed up with it and send it to the nearest /dev/null (but 
hey! We can charge for supporting that old stuff!)


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