[arin-ppml] Borders sells their /16 block

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Tue Dec 6 21:15:55 EST 2011

Hi Owen,

>What happens when those chain of custody records no longer point to the 
>current whois record, but, whois is updated to reflect the actual 
>legitimate registrant of the reclaimed block after ARIN noticed that the 
>block was no longer in use by it's proper registrant and was unable to 
>complete a section 8 transfer to the current usurper?

>I would not want to be the organization that had purchased the block in 
>such a situation.


I would not want to be the stooge who was allocated the reissued block in 
such a situation.

I bet ARIN's counsel wouldn't want to be in a position to defend a claim of 
tortious interference in a contract.

These silly threats of revokation and reissuance to some poor dupe of a 
registrant betray a real lack of understanding of the role of steward and of 
contract law. And they would be more believable if they had ever occurred in 
the real world. Can you provide an example?

A steward doesn't cause havoc by creating conditions whereby a state of 
non-uniqueness exists in our Internet for no good reason.

And taking steps to revoke and reissue legacy numbers involved in a non 
section 8 transfer would be a dangerous fools errand, IMO.

Prop-151 resolves this issue, among others.


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