[arin-ppml] Borders sells their /16 block

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Tue Dec 6 17:12:48 EST 2011

Hi Chris,

Response below

> Thanks, although I do have to wonder what was actualy being sold if a 
> company had the intention of bypassing ARIN & WHOIS.  I mean why would an 
> entity need to pay anyone $12 per address to assign IP addresses to thier 
> servers that weren't going to be listed authoritatively by ARIN....when 
> they could do the same exact thing for FREE right now?
> I mean ARIN doesn't control what addresses are assigned to individual 
> machines on someones network.  They just control the listing service that 
> most carriers elect to use when determining where stuff gets routed,  or 
> am I missing something?  So if you didn't care about authoritative WHOIS 
> listing....why would you go pay some other company millions of dollars for 
> address space that you could just unilateraly assign yourself (and face 
> the exact same consequences for not having listed in WHOIS).
> Christopher Engel

Hi Chris,

No provider I know is going to accept advertisements of address blocks 
without testing for uniqueness somehow.
Checking whois will provide some information, and a chain of custody from 
the whois registrant to the party seeking to advertise those blocks, along 
with customer attestation, covers the provider from tortious interference 

Result is the blocks are advertised and used, but whois is degraded.


Mike Burns 

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