[arin-ppml] An article of interest to the community....

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Wed Aug 31 18:53:16 EDT 2011

On 8/31/11 3:33 PM, Mike Burns wrote:
> My hunch is that the small college would, in fact, be using NAT for all
> but server connections.

The school I went to used public space everywhere, including the dorms.
Although it's only around 18k students and 1k staff.

> I think we could use more concrete protections from section 12 reviews
> of sellers than the bland assertions of the current leadership that such
> reviews will not happen. Lawyers for the sellers will want more than
> that, IMO.

I don't think sellers deserve any special protections just because
they're sellers. Simply return it to the free pool if it's a concern.
Although at this point "for the good of the community" is dying in favor
of "for the good of profit".


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