[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-156 Update 8.3 to allow inter-RIR transfers

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Tue Aug 23 23:13:11 EDT 2011

On Aug 23, 2011, at 5:25 PM, Paul Wilson wrote:

> I have some practical questions about this policy proposal.  

Hi Paul!   (Welcome to the PPML discussion)

I will attempt to answer your questions (recognizing that a 
formal staff assessment is still to be done.)

> Is it proposed that ARIN staff would conduct a full need-based assessment of the each recipient, even in another region, including examination of all prior allocations?  

This is not specified in the policy proposal as specifically being 
done by ARIN or the recipient RIR, so it could be done by either.

> Has there been any consideration of the cost and practicality of this approach?  

Not by ARIN staff (yet)

The approach is unspecified at this time, making analysis of the 
cost and practicality rather difficult.  ARIN staff will have to 
specify how it would implement the policy proposal when preparing 
the staff assessment, but at this time is it quite unclear.

> Is it possible that a recipient would be asked to pay ARIN to cover the cost of this service?  

That is definitely possible, but quite suboptimal as it would require
ARIN to routine engage in financial transactions with parties outside
the service region.

> Would a registration services agreement be required with ARIN?

ARIN provides registration services in a specific geographic region
and hence a requirement to agreements for registration services with 
parties outside the region would also be quite suboptimal.

Without additional clarity (either in the policy proposal or filled in 
during the staff assessment), it is very uncertain how proposal-16
would be implemented.  This is in contrast to draft policy 2011-1, 
which when processing transfers would simply require ARIN to confirm 
the transfer with the recipient's RIR.


John Curran
President and CEO

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