[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-156 Update 8.3 to allow inter-RIR transfers

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Aug 23 20:41:56 EDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:21 PM, Randy Whitney
<randy.whitney at verizon.com> wrote:
> Your wording implies that ARIN places no trust in other RIRs to handle
> and assign their own resources effectively


It's not about trust, it's about fairness and mutual acceptance.

There are only so many IPv4 addresses to go around and simple fairness
demands that a registrant from ARIN's region have at least as ready
access to ARIN-managed addresses as a registrant from another region.
Fairness also demands that where another region has access to
ARIN-managed addresses, ARIN registrants have comparable access to
their addresses.

The folks in the ARIN region and the folks in the APNIC region don't
agree about what the criteria for receiving IP addresses should be.
Nor is that a recent thing: regional differences in determining the
best way to manage IP addresses was the original, core basis for
APNIC's creation.

So, if APNIC is going to have access to ARIN IP addresses, we'll need
a path that neither breaches basic fairness nor depends on both
regions agreeing on the exact criteria for allocating addresses.

This is such a path. We apply our policies on entry and exit, they
apply their policies on entry and exit, we both apply them with an
equal hand to both in and out-region registrants and we don't have to
agree. And no matter what the exact policies are, the registrant from
out region is never more advantaged in his access to the addresses
than the registrant from the home region.

Let me put it another way: free trade doesn't mean you can waltz in to
my country and sell anything you please however you please. It just
means that the law and regulation I apply to your activity is *the
same* as the law and regulation I apply to my own.

Protectionism only arises when I try to balance the scales of some
perceived wrong by insisting that because you're from another country
you have to follow *different* sales rules for your products than my
folks at home, typically something like paying a tariff to balance
your "unreasonable" low wages.

Bill Herrin

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