[arin-ppml] Statistics regarding NRPM 8.3 Transfers to date

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Sat Apr 30 11:29:47 EDT 2011

Owen writes:
> Let's look at another scenario that is what people are actually
> intending to object to...
> Let's say you can justify 980 addresses. The intent of the policy
> would be for you to get a /22. The thing people are upset about
> is that when you justify that /22, ARIN staff is apparently willing
> to satisfy that need by allowing you to acquire through the transfer
> policy a /23 and two disparate /24s.

I'm not sure that's a problem.

> The intent of the policy was that you could receive a /22. No more
> or no less. That is considered the exact amount justified as a
> single aggregate.

And so if the seller has a /23 and you can justify 980 addresses you're 
simply out of luck? Or need to lie and claim you can only justify 450 
today in order to get the /23?

Clearly *that* would make no sense. You should be able to receive a /22 
*or anything smaller* if you justify 980 addresses.

And then once you've justified 980 addresses to ARIN, you should clearly 
be able to use 8.3 transfers twice in a row, for two separate /23s... it 
wouldn't make much sense for ARIN to require you to resubmit all the 
justification paperwork you just sent them a few hours ago, would it?

And then once that's going on, why make the transfers happen as two 
separate transfers? That's just more paperwork for everyone.

The only other way to "fix" this is to only allow a recipient to use 8.3 
once every N months... but there are any number of good reasons to not 
do this *and* several easy workarounds for the recipient as well.

Matthew Kaufman

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