[arin-ppml] Statistics regarding NRPM 8.3 Transfers to date

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Sat Apr 30 09:30:14 EDT 2011

On Apr 30, 2011, at 1:23 AM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> I would very much appreciate it if staff could provide phraseology that would
> result in an interpretation of the policy along the lines of what was intended...
> That each transfer be only a single aggregate block.

Owen - 
  The phrase is presently applies to the aggregate demand, but presuming it is
  to moved appropriately,  may I ask the following to make sure we can respond 
  accurately to your request? 

  Org A & Org B show up hand in hand, and want to transfer some of Org A's /16
  IPv4 space to Org B.  Org B completes the documentation requirement, and it 
  is determined (hypothetically) that Org B doesn't qualify for a /19, but does clearly 
  qualify for /20 (4096 addresses).

  Org A has no available continuous block of 4096 addresses, but does have 
  1 /21 block available and numerous non-adjacent /22, /23, and /24 blocks 
  block available.  Your policy intent is that Org B may transfer a single block
  (/21, /22, /23, or /24) but may not transfer multiple blocks from Org A?

  If that is the goal, then moving the "as a single aggregate phase" to after 
  "may only be received" should suffice.

  ARIN will inform the parties that Org B gets to transfer one contiguous address
  block.  As the parties will have had quite different expectations, the most likely 
  result is either Org B quickly deploying the block received and immediately 
  reappearing to transfer another block from Org A (repeat as needed), or it is 
  more likely Org A and B simply agree that Org B can should use the previously
  agreed set of address blocks and not bother with updating of the ARIN records
  after all. 
I hope this helps in consideration of policy,

John Curran
President and CEO

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