[arin-ppml] New Entrants shut out? (Was: ARIN-2011-5: ... - Last Call

Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at blacklotus.net
Sat Apr 30 07:19:34 EDT 2011

> Abandoning needs-based allocation allows us to say "Some people are
> more equal than others, and get to pay more to run out later".  It
> also possibly enables us to say "Some people are allowed to buy up
> addresses now and resell them for more later".

Everyone is equal in the sense that they can purchase whatever space
they need at market rate. Indeed, people can buy space now and resell
it later. IPv4 is not the only finite resource in the world and the
free market serves us well in those situations as well.

> If your organization is going to run out *before* everyone else, you
> were doing something wrong.
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> -george william herbert
> george.herbert at gmail.com

If anyone runs out of IPv4, we're doing something wrong. Space will
always be available, at market rate, if we abandon need based
justification. Everyone who wants us to move to IPv6 quickly would be
served well by this as adoption will pick up more quickly when they're
having to pay $20,000 to get a hold of space that used to cost
$1250/yr. Those who can afford to buy the space and have a legitimate
technical justification for not using IPv6 (yet) will still be able to
get ahold of the space.

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