[arin-ppml] New Entrants shut out? (Was: ARIN-2011-5: ... - Last Call

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Apr 29 17:40:47 EDT 2011

I am curious about this following comment, could you please expand on it.

On 4/29/11 12:48 CDT, Ray Hunter wrote:

> Meanwhile new entrants to the ISP market are effectively shut out, due
> to the "last /8" allocation policy for IPv4 addresses coming into effect
> in the ARIN region.

Are you suggesting the lack of ARIN having a Last /8 austerity policy 
similar to APNIC, assigning a small block to each organization out of 
the last /8, effectively shuts out new entrants?

Or, that there is something additionally discriminatory against new 
entrants was added to  ARIN's policies as part of ARIN's IPv4 run-out 

In other words are you saying;

The ARIN policy community fail to take an actions that resulted in 
effectively shutting out new entrants?

Or, the ARIN policy community took a direct action that resulted in 
effectively shutting out new entrants?

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