[arin-ppml] Do we have a fundamental conflict in the regional goals for number resource management?

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Fri Apr 29 13:17:23 EDT 2011


> I have given your email quite some thought, and after careful
> consideration, I do believe the concern that I expressed was
> most appropriate to pose as a question...

I understand your point; I realize that I have not made mine as clear as
I whished I have.

I think it is too early to ask the question, because it sounds
uncomfortably the same as "have we failed?". Imagine the ramifications
of the community answering "no". I understand what you are trying to
achieve by asking, but I see no point in getting on that slippery slope
as of now.

In other words, I think that by asking the question, you open the door
to failure being an option.

> Can we actually have *any* multi-stakeholder, private sector led,
> bottom-up policy development system for technical coordination of
> identifiers at the same time as we have parties presently that:
> 1) have no existing contractual requirements to participate in the
> system, but 2) presently hold number resources in their belief as
> personal property?

Yes, we can.

Repeat after me:
Failure is not an option.


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